My Inspirations


because he is the one i could talk to when i have problems, even though he do not answer me literally he really have the best plans for me. he inspire me in every way that he do for me.


she inspire me alot. everytime i have my vacation in the province she always make time for me. she makes me happy and always give some pieces of advice.


he also inspire me. whenever i am at home, he makes it to a point that he makes alaga on me. he asks everytime if i ate already ad everything.

Tita Lil

she inspire me to do good in my schooling so that i will get a good job

Tita Jing

she makes me inspired in anything i will do.


they inspire me to study well and go on with life. even though there are many problems in life they are there to support and make you laugh.


she always gives advice to me. she is one of the people i look up to. 🙂


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