Passport? Let’s Travel.

it was my first time to apply for a passport. well as usual i am really ignorant to what am i doing. everything was new. the dswd affidavit. the persons i met. as in evertything. my papers were processed by the agency, so i was just there for the appearance. at our first attempt we weren’t lucky because the person to process my papers wants the id of my mother. he said that we should talk to the person incharge of the office. we went there and what the girl said, i really need the appearance of my own mother. how could that happen when my mother is in the province. duh. on our second attempt. we bought the id of my mother. and wallllaah. it is approved. we went upstairs for the semi-interview. it was a long line though, but i waited for it. then it’s my turn, i thought that they are gonna ask me things about my background, my travels. hahaha. whaaat. all of a sudden they just made me pose for the camera for the picture. made me autograph their hi-tech gadget. as well as thumbprinting left and right. hahaha. i thought that it will be harrrd. but then again. it was nothing. hahaha. i met ms. merci the one incharge at the agency and the gay processor that at first made our day so bad but he/she made our day today. waaah. it was a nice day today. tomorrow is another day.


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