Little Rejj Big Dreamer.

a little girl with a big dream like being an newscaster and to be a photographer of candy mag..a year from now..i will pursue my first dream..since i was a kid i really love talking to anybody even though i don’t know the person personally..they were entertained with me and from then on i started having a conversation with people around parents also were fascinated with me..for all the whole day talking to somebody first they were annoyed but as time goes by they accepted the fact that i am really time i was surveying my parents what to take up in college..they would just simply answer doctor, nursing, anything that was in demand then..but then i told about first they were puzzled because at that young age i already taught of the graduation in grade school came and it was written there that my dream was to be a newscaster and they just supported with what i liked..once they told this dream to my aunt in the states who was at the country then..then she and her husband challenged me to read an article from a first they taught i cannot do it but after i finished the whole article..they clapped at me..they said YES..newscasting may be my dream career in the future to come..first year high school still the dream is still there..then here comes the career week..our teacher asked us to write something about our future career and ambitions in life..there i wrote anything i thought about newscasting..and also my experiences..second year high school the dream is still week again..we were asked to wear the clothes what our career would always there i wore the blazer bad memory about that..when we were changing our clothes..i was only the one at the toilet then when i removed my fell down to the toilet bowl..i screamed and they taught i saw a ghost..when i went out of the toilet..they were all laughing because they all saw my blouse soaked in the toilet bowl’s water..then i fixed it..when we were being called by my teacher..we walked as fast as we can..and still they were laughing at me..the whole modeling was finished and i still have no idea what am i gonna do with my blouse..then i told it to my teacher and she told me to buy a new blouse from the sewing room..then i went..then it all finished that way..third year high school..i still like to pursue this comes the career week again..we were asked to group ourselves to what career we first i was the only one in the i thought of changing mind..but then the day after the grouping i had a group there..we started the poster making..i brought many magazine of my favorite mag [candy] and used every page that is related to our chosen career..we had two days to do that..then here comes submission..we passed it with the feeling of success because at least we did our best by cutting pictures from magazines..then my teacher chose the best one to be exhibited in the whole career week..well not expected our project was one of the chosen among the other else that made their best poster..a day after the first launch of the posters..there were things happened and that was when someone or a group destroyed everything on the teacher was very angry about what happened..and he did not fixed it anymore..fourth year high school..the best and the last career project..we were all assigned to make a ten pages research about our chosen career..this is not only for nothing but also for us to learn things that we still do not know of our careers..we were also given the chance to experience the work what our career was with the given interview to a person that has been in that career for so long..i first planned to interview ms. sol aragones of the network abs-cbn..but then when i went to their network..the one who i talked about the plans about the interview was absent that day so we were not able to interview her..second was ms. jessica soho..i passed everything that was needed for me to interview her but when i called the telephone they asked me to follow up..she said that ms. jessica is very busy that she cannot be interviewed..then i thought of the ones who aren’t busy and i thought of ms. pia archangel..i then went to gma to pass the requirements..and left my number..but then they did not call..then a day before the submission..i tried to call gma but any calls was not answered..i tried a lot of times.. until i lost hope already..i used the net for the hope that they may catch my attention..i twitted on my twitter for a person to be interviewed..but then nobody really replied..until it was already nighttime..there were still no sign of hopes..that night i prayed that the school will be announcing a suspension of classes so that i can still interview someone..but until the morning i woke up hoping that our television and radios would announce a suspension of classes..but then after all they did not..when we were walking for us to go to the school..i was thinking of the things that my teacher would tell us again..until we reached the school the problem is still there with no more solutions..when i entered the classroom..there were many students who has greater problems than i have..they don’t have any project to submit..i thought that my problem was big but their problem was comes the submission first the aura of our teacher was nice..then when she asked for the projects..the mood was changed..she was very angry and lambasted each and every student that has no projects..after the submission..she compared the pile of projects to the other sections again..then it was aunt was asking how was my project without the interview..then i just answered that it was okay because i still have the ten pages research paper..the day has just finished still hoping that the interview will still be conducted..but two weeks after..there was really no call at all..that is the story of my career NEWSCASTING…

and my second on the next few years..this dream actually came into my life when i really bought my own camera..although it was not the best but it all captured the best memories of high school i had..the best pocket camera ever had..even the fooling around somewhere else is there..maybe while i’m pursuing my first dream..i can still use this as a life welcome to my favorite subjects are nature, stolen shots of people such as sleeping with the mouth open..the best laughter they can make while having fun..and many more..even though i have many more to learn from this hobby..i am ready for all the things to come..the subjects to be taken..the friends i may meet because of this hobby..i really wanted to be one of the best photographers known in the country and the world..i also want to enter the best magazine ever [candy]..i wanted to be one of their photographers someday..they got the best but they still need me..maybe two years from now i may enter there..for i am at the right age..that was the story of my second dream PHOTOGRAPHY….

newscasting and photography are the dream i would like to pursue..any trials and problems i face in the future..i shall face it with confidence and brave heart..


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