My Taylor Swift Experience.

Pebrero Labingsiyam,

ang araw na pinakahihintay ng mga swifters. ang pinakaaabangan na concert namin nila aicha enriquez, kim valdez, ronna guanga at marami pang swifters na iba jan. alas kwatro nang kami ay magkita-kita upang pumila pa sa pasukan sapagkat marami din tao ang mga dadalo sa concert.

we bought eyemax binoculars so that we could see taylor nearer.

me holding my taylor swift poster

another one with my thirteen on my hand

my friend aicha enriquez

the energetic crowd

and another one

a clearer shot

the opening number. 😀

second costume change. she’s so pretty with that dress actually.

one my favorite dress  that she wore that night.

i was with these people. aicha enriquez and kim valdez.

Photos from Aicha Enriquez’s Facebook.


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