A Teenage Girl.

a teenage girl
with secrets that aren’t revealed
happy about life
sad for the problems she encounters

with parents that are
very caring and loving
proud when achievements
are gathered

guardians who always give advises
for grades, projects and assignments
in absence of her parents
they are there to look out for her

teachers who love and hate her
but still goes on with life
every time scolded
but never gives up on studying

siblings that are handsome
helps in every little way they can
although they don’t see each other everyday
they still remain in her life

friends who are always there
makes her enjoy life
through laughter and sorrow
they are there to support

crushes who make her inspired
let her do requirements very well
although they are not close
still the connection is still there

strangers she meet everyday
some can do something in her life
maybe a child or an old person
but all of them are welcome


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