Solemn Vow of my Parents.

For, this solemn vow I take you for what you are with what I am with what I am with what I have. All this blessings we share, all the trials we shall face together. Life by your own has ended and so as mine. Yet we live on, for or life has just began. You and I as one.


I want to live with you, just as you are. I choose you above all others, to share my life with you and that is the only evidence there can be that I love you… When I fell in love with you, I know it will be forever. If I say I am your woman I will always be your woman and this kind of love I offer is a permanent one, I’ll love you forever.


this was the vow of my parents to each other. aw so sweet. 😀


2 thoughts on “Solemn Vow of my Parents.

    • hahahah. thanks. i just saw this vow in the invitation of my parents to their wedding. i was looking for some pictures and saw this, i was so amazed and let other people knew about it. 🙂

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