nagkaroon kami kanina ng seminar tungkol sa mga bagay bagay na may kinalaman sa mga buhay namin.

what is good citizenship? the speaker randomly asked me this question. i was shocked and don’t know what to answer i just said that “being good to people.”

he also discussed the 12 little things a filipino could do for our country.

ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for our country. (epal yung buhok, panget tuloy yung shot)

speak positively.

do not litter. dispose your garbage properly. segregate. recycle. conserve

those are the 12 little things…

he also discussed the beliefs…

eight-core beliefs

1st core belief: a culture of motherland

2nd core belief: a culture of familihood

3rd core belief: a culture of faith in the filipino

4th core belief: a culture of honor

5th core belief: a culture of excellence

6th core belief: a culture of discipline
7th core belief: a culture of unity
8th core belief: a culture of patriotism
jillian brodit. discussed the experience of our class in our community services.
bida. 🙂
bida speaker.
another speaker.
the speakersss.
another one.
we had mass after the seminar.
some of the students who attended the seminar
we enjoyed the free lunch.
carizz and audrey.
supeeer enjoyed the free lunch. ate two boxes of lunch. aww. 🙂
had a wonderful and not so productive day last monday. it was funn and the food was bitin. hahahaha. 🙂

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