Radio Tour

as a communication arts student, we had the opportunity to visit radio companies. last tuesday i woke up early because of excitement to see how a radio station would look like as well as radio personalities.  mr. james was out tour guide and explained everything.

our first stop was YES FM, we met kristine dera, missy hista and emma harot. kristine dera explained briefly how she started and being a disk jockey. we saw her on air with her breathtaking talkative voice.

kristine dera made us experience to sit in her chair and act like a disk jockey.

next stop is love radio, we met nicole hyala. her career is very unexpected just because of a guy who left him.

radio drama is next.

radyo natin was our next stop, this only airs in provinces.

easy rock is next.

we also had the opportunity to enter inside the studio of  RHTV.

the last station we visited was aksyon radyo

other photos by: Andrea Bensali, Mark Villaruel & Audrey Dela Cruz


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