i misssssss.

I miss people especially my friends that  I haven’t seen in a while. To name some here they are.


The last time I saw her was when we graduated in High school and never got the opportunity to see her. These girl has been my friend since 4th year because she was a new student back then. We text each other though and plan so meet up but it never happened.


I saw her when she went here for the UKISS Concert, way way back. I miss this girl because we would always tease each other and talk about anything. She’s in Pangasinan right now because she studies there.


She came to my debut last August and that was the last when we met. I miss her because she can always make me laugh. She was also my companion to the Taylor Swift concert last February.


My best bud ever, my partner in talking. hahahaha. Last saw her on my debut also and had no meet up yet, soon maybe.


We’ve been close when we were in 4th year, I really knew her because of my friend Deana. I missed our chats every break as well as the kulitan and those story telling with Mika.

I missed my friends whom I don’t ever see again. I wish I could reunite with them soon. Remember everything we had done when we were in High School. Let’s hangout soon please. 🙂


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