Last minute Christmas Shopping

December18 Pink Glasses

December 19 Green Glasses

Yesterday and today, I made my last minute Christmas shopping at Divisoria.

Yesterday, I was with my Aunt Jing to buy Christmas gifts for our monito in our Kris Kringle at home. She bought gifts for my cousins, aunts and nephews. She bought me a dress and a blazer for her gift for me this Christmas. I bought my gift to the person I picked for the Kris Kringle, its something that she likes I think. hahaha. We went there at 8 am and did  shopping for about 4 hours and went home at 12 noon. It was worth the long walks to find something for the people important to you.

Today, I went back to Divisoria because I forgot to buy gifts for my Papa and Mama. So I went there by 9 am and find things for them. I bought a polo shirt for my Papa and a blouse for my Mama and finished shopping at 10 am and went home.


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