Bridal Shower

We had a Bridal Shower Party for ate Judy last Saturday (February 25) and here is a photodiary:

after party from ate Blessed’s facebook



FRIENDSHIP is an unwritten promise, not given by pledge or any written document. Instead, its a promise based on “VAT”. ‘Value And Trust’

Talking about friendship, I am a very friendly person. Every time I meet a person I start a conversation so that it won’t be awkward because we are together but we don’t talk. These past eighteen years of my existence I have met a lot of them some stayed others are gone. Most of them are from school because I don’t really go out to hang out to meet some friends from the community. Although I have friends from the community but they are just common friends.

At some point I tend to get closer to a guy rather than to girls because guys really tell you what is truth even though it will hurt you rather than having a girl friends that will back stab you when you are not there. I also like the way how guys would talk about their life like you won’t imagine that they have this life. I like when a guy would ask for my help for them to be friends with girls. I actually met 2 guys when I was in high school, they talk about girls a lot and I helped them in a way how to get those girls.  Sometimes those guy friend will tell you what to do when you are heartbroken and other stuff that only a guy would know. Maybe there is also an influence since I grew up having 3 brothers on my side that every guy I meet, I always think that they are my big brother.

Yes, girls are a lot of fun to be with but sometimes they are the most hated enemies when you have conflict. Almost all my cousins on my mother’s side are girls so I really don’t have a hard time being with girls. Since elementary my friends are all girls, eating with them was so much fun. I am the type of girl that doesn’t care about what I look like so sometimes I got irritated to my friends who always do their make up, powder and girly stuffs. Yes, I am a girl but those things are just not my type. High school and College came through and still my friends are still girls. We enjoy talking about boys and how our life would be when we have our own career.

Some of my memories of my friends:

Thank you for all the friendship that we have shared. I love you friends. 🙂


Unofficially Yours!!!!

I watched Unofficially Yours at Gateway a while ago with my friends Shane, Cash and Ate Bap. We all enjoyed the film because it was well written and the actors (Angel and John Lloyd) did a great job on their scenes. The movie was about two journalists that first met at a beach and had a one  night stand. It all started there that Ces (Angel) settled with the kind of set up that they don’t have a relationship but Mackie (John Lloyd) was assuming that his love for Ces was for real. My favorite part of the movie was when Ces saw the feature story written by Mackie.

It’s a good movie to watch because it has a nice story, very good actors as well as the direction of the film. I recommend you to watch these because its not just about having and moving on to a relationship but also a story for aspiring writers out there.


February of Starstudio

I enjoyed reading the  Starstudio February issue because of its cover story about Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. I also like the feature story about the Padilla clan and how Daniel and RJ started in the showbizness. The vintage tea party themed baby shower of Kristine Hermosa. Stories on the newly weds Juris and Gavin Lim. A great feature on the most loved loveteams of all time Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III, Vilma Santos and Christopher De Leon, Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo and lastly Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual. It also featured the most popular loveteams today such as Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio, Julie Ann San Jose and Elmo Magalona, Kean Cipriano and Alex Gonzaga and lastly JM De Guzman and Charee Pineda. I also enjoyed the feature on Khalil Ramos by Sir Julian Mauricio

This magazine is a good read so I recommend you to grab a copy of your own before February ends to read best articles ever.


Forgive and Forget

Today is Ash Wednesday, start of lent and time to repent. Forgive people who have hurt you and learn to accept things that you cannot change in a person. The time given by God for us to renew our selves in a good way so that others will treat us right. A time to forget the bad things you have done and start a new life. A new life that will make you better. The life given by God is only borrowed so we should always take care of this and always remember that everything happens for a reason. The plans of God are always the best because he knows what will happen in every second of your life. He always guides us in our journey through life.  Forgive and forget, learn from the things that happened in your life may it be good or bad he just want us to realize that he is always with us every time we feel alone. 🙂