Congratulations Paulo!!!!

Today I attended the graduation of my cousin Paulo.  He graduated from High School at Manila Cathedral School.  Here is a photodiary:

with his friends

with his Mama (Tita Cristy) and Tita Lil

with her Mama (Tita Cristy)

with Tita Lil

ofcourse with me! haha


with the Principal

the faculty


with his Lola

Congratulations Paulo. 🙂


Congrats Erika!!!!

Yesterday, March 26 we attended the graduation of my niece Erika Marielle, she is the Valedictorian of their batch. Here is a photodiary of what happened:

This is her Valedictorian Address

Congratulations Erika!!!!


Congratulations Yeng Constantino!!!!

I would like to congratulate Ms. Yeng Constantino for receiving two consecutive awards last week. The one on the left was MYX Female Artist and the other one is Platinum Award for her album Yeng Versions Live. Such a great inspiration to everyone because of her personality and strength in her talent.

We, the Yengsters are very proud of your newest achievement and more to come. We are always on your side through all those nominations and every single step of your journey through life. We will support you whatever happens, in your career, and in your personal life. We hope that you could influence more people in a good way like what you have been influencing us (Yengsters).

Thank you for the inspiration and influence that you have shared to me in any way. Every time I listen to your songs I always remember a very good ATE that I have met.  Wishing you all the best in your career and personal life. Take care Ate Yeng. 😀


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

I hear mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and it is a nice place to go because of its peaceful atmosphere.

It has very beautiful stained glass windows

This crucifix symbolizes how Jesus suffered for our sins

Outside view of the church

This place is one of those ways that I became close to God, the first time I entered this place I really felt the presence of God in me because he loves me very much that he wanted me to feel like I am at his house. I love going to this church not just because it is very near our house but also very near to my heart especially God the father.

Thank you God for building a great home for me and other people could visit whenever they wanted to talk to you may it be sharing their thoughts or problems. It is always my pleasure visiting your home.  Thank you for always welcoming me every time I wanted to share something to you.  I love you Lord. 😀 ❤


Mr. Poon Restaurant

Mr. Poon is such a great restaurant

Photo credits

For our Dinner, we ordered the first set that cost P 2,999

Photo credits

and here it goes

Assorted Cold Cuts

Mixed Vegetables w/ Tenderloin

Mr. Poon Fried Chicken

Fish Fillet with Tofu Tausi

Lumpiang Shanghai

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Pancit Canton

So if you liked the food you could try it yourself and here’s a map on how to go there

Photo credits

For more information about Mr. Poon Restaurant you could visit their Facebook account HERE.


Dinner at Mr. Poon

Last night our organization (IMPACT) had a dinner party at Mr. Poon in Banawe. Together with our moderator Mr. Jonathan Montes the AKIZUM, Dulaan and Dance Synergy came together for dinner and election (ahem ahem appoint) of officers. Here is photodiary:

Early birds

We sang in the Karaoke

Our moderator Mr. Jonathan Montes

CA 3 with Mr. Montes

Election (ahem ahem apoint)

Akizum officers

Dulaan officers

Dance Synergy officers

Communication Arts students

We had a little photobooth

Ina Reyes outfit post

Roxanne, Ina, Tiffany

Roxanne, Ina, Tiffany, Maan

My own outfit post

Mirror pic with ate Bianca