TV 5 Tour

Yesterday March 8, we went to TV5 at Novaliches to have a studio tour together with my classmates Shane Bernardo, Audrey Dela Cruz, Laiye Munsayac, Nery Natonton plus a friend Gian Hipolito and our professor Mr. Seymour Sanchez.

We saw Erwin Tulfo and had a photo-op

We visited the office of Interaksyon

Jun Sabayton was our tour guide

We saw Angel Rivero a.k.a. “Erning”

The sunset was so beautiful

as well as the tower

Mr. Jun Sabayton, Mr. Seymour Sanchez and Mr. Bam

We also saw MJ Marfori

We met Lourd de Veyra

We watched Andar ng mga Balita live with Martin Andanar


Had a great time with friends and our professor. Thank you for the fun filled experience.


10 thoughts on “TV 5 Tour

  1. Thank you VERY MUCH for your reply! 🙂 I would like to ask on how can I contact your professor so we can also have our educational tour at TV5. 🙂 We are BS Electronics Engineering Graduating Students. Thanks

  2. Hello ! good morning, I guess?! may I ask if you do have any contact numbers on TV 5 for a studio tour. I just want to know, My classmates and I is planning a TV studio tour visit at TV 5 as a requirement for our Broadcasting subject.
    Hope for your reply. Really need it Thanks! 🙂

  3. thank you for your reply, do they have space for students or schools who wants to have a tour at their studio? (somewhat like a week or a month or months of reservation to get into their studio?)

    masaa ba yung tour? (educational?) too many questions. just want to know. Thanks! 🙂

    • actually i’m not so sure. because it’s not really a school tour. my professor just brought us there and called up his friends for us to be toured. jun sabayton was a friend of our professor and he volunteered to tour us around TV5. the experience was nice and we had the chance to watch a live news cast. 🙂

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