NBSB knows about LOVE!!!

As an NBSB, people say that we don’t know anything about love but for some reasons while we are still single we learn a lot from friends and acquaintances we meet in our daily lives. Every time a friend is heartbroken they need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to hear all those painful situations. As for my eighteen years of existence I’ve been one of those ears to my friends so that at some point they have someone to talk to about their problems. For my experience I’ve heard a lot of common problems to some young couples out there. In those situations I learn what to do, I somehow advice even though I haven’t experienced it myself but the fact that you want to do the right thing for the better person of your friend. Sometimes they tend to fight for their right to be loved by the person who left them but it’s not that easy because when a guy broke up with you it is the final decision.

We are both strangers who just knew each other because of texting because our common friend gave my number to him. We never met even though we planned to but it never happened. Here I experienced being asked to be courted by a guy, at first I was not so sure about the feeling because it was my first time but because of the reason that we haven’t met I rejected his question and told him that I was not ready yet. The second time around he asked again, but the feeling was not there yet so I rejected him again. But maybe has a chance if we ever meet in person soon when the time comes for us to be formally introduced to each other.

Another guy came into my life and befriends me as what guys really do before they court a girl. This guy would text me a lot, post on my Facebook wall, likes my post and every effort a guy would do. As times passed this guy irritated me for being “makulit” and very demanding even though were just friends. The time when he asked me if he could court me I rejected him immediately because I am really irritated of how he has been treating me. I have no regrets in doing that because it was not really worth it. The thing that I did not want to happen was his awkwardness towards me just because of that rejection. But we cannot be awkward to each other because of the fact that we are schoolmates. At present, we are casual with each other and I treat him like one of my big brother.

Love may be tricky when you are in to it already. They tend to confuse you in whatever decision you make. We should always talk to God so that he could help us in whatever decision we would make about love. We learn from people around us so that when we are in that situation we somehow have an idea in how to handle the situation and will not have a hard time to think about what to do. Always remember that you can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved; the rest is up to the person to realize your worth. It is fun to fall in love but sometimes we need to be careful for those thorns that await you with that certain person you are having a relationship with because you don’t know what will happen in your relationship if you won’t take care of it. They say that a good relationship lasts forever and that forever will always be remembered by those people around you.

If you find your best match, take care of each other. We don’t know which path God will lead the both of you through happiness and sorrows. But most especially the thought of having him as your partner for your entire life and you will thank God for giving you the time to enjoy life being single and waiting for the right time when God finishes your best love story ever written. It was worth waiting because you are very happy of the person God blessed you with. Let us be thankful for our life that God has given us to enjoy everything especially the word called “LOVE”.


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