Still strong at 90!!


My grandmother (Marcelina Soriano) was born on July 12, 1921 and still living with us as of this writing. She is somehow a historian because of her experiences in the past as she was growing up that she always talks about with me. She would narrate how the Japanese invaded the Philippines in the war, as well as the Martial Law in the time of former president Marcos. Those stories that I need for my history class was used especially when my professor in History was so boring that I’d rather listen to my grandmother than to him. Every time he would tell stories I listen carefully because most of them are very substantial. I learn a lot from my grandmother when it comes to history.

She is very strong that she still manages to cook for us when she has time. She loves to cook and I am her taster. I love everything she cooks especially Sinigang because it is very delicious. She always has new recipes to share for everyone. She knows how to take care of the vegetables in the refrigerator and how long it will last. She knows the techniques in cooking that I am still learning.

She is an inspiration for me because even though at a very old age she still knows a lot from the past and never forget a single memory from those things that we should always remember such as birthdays, christenings and more celebrations from the past that we attended. She inspires me in the manner of being smart in whatever situation you are in. I love how she makes decisions for the best of something. She is truly an inspiration to everyone that she meets every single day of her life. She is one of those people that you will always remember every time you think of a great grandmother in your life.

Ninety years of existence is a very worthwhile for my grandmother because she have done so much in her life, inspired many people, helped others as well as make everyone smile in her stories that she usually tell. Many people have been part of the life of my grandmother that she is very thankful for those who have shared their thoughts to her. I am blessed to have her as my grandmother because she is the best ever. Thank you Lord for the gift of a grandmother like Nanay.


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