Streets of Aurora Blvd.

In my almost two years stay in my Aunt’s house at San Juan, I have been exposed to the streets of Aurora Blvd. The street where you can see everything that you want to go. A place that has many places to be visited even though it is a small street. A street where you can see different kinds of people in the world.

A street where you can find UERM hospital where people usually go for medication and one of the most famous hospital in Manila. Savemore where we buy our grocery items and very reliable because it opens at seven in the morning and closes at ten in the evening. Just a few more steps away is SM Sta. Mesa where you can shop all day in whatever you need. The church Our Lady of Mount Carmel is found here where most of the population in the place come here to hear mass. For computer needs you may visit Gilmore because everything about computer is there. Four LRT stations which consists of V. Mapa, J. Ruiz, Gilmore and Betty Go-Belmonte which can take you to Recto to Santolan. Balete Drive where people believe that there are ghosts who are staying in the place but no proven facts that there are real ghosts that has been there. A bridge called Lambingan Bridge which separates Quezon City from San Juan.

I’ve almost memorized every single street of Aurora Blvd. because every day I have been exposed to these streets in my two years stay in this place. A place that I loved because it is not that very busy that I still manage to walk freely without people minding about you. It is a nice place to visit because everything you need is here just a few meters away from home.

Photos courtesy of Google.


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