One Busy Day

Today I was very busy because I tried to look for a job and had a job interview at Uniserve Business Solution and was transferred at Teleperformance. Here is a photodiary:

My Resume


Other applicants

Sir Jaja, the interviewer

My visitor pass


View from 36th floor

Teleperformance office


Ticket number


Online Exam

Consist of 3 exams (Computer Test I, Pre-Training Assesment and Computer Hands-on Exam)

Teleperformance goals

There is also a typing test powered by Typing Master, well I passed with 91% accuracy, 28 wpm net speed.

It was a great opportunity to experience how hard it is to find a job. I am very lucky that I am one of those people who don’t need to work to live because I still have my parents to support me.


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