St. Christopher Parish

The church where I was baptized and confirmed, St. Christopher Parish it is. Since I was a child I always hear mass to this church together with my parents. Through the years this church have been to many changes and as of now they have and on-going repair. They are open for donations in any amount to help in the repair.


Haberday Iya. (Amana Waterpark)

May25 was the birthday of my niece Iya so we celebrated it on May 26, together with Ate Weng, Kuya Jay, Paulo, Erika, Iya, Ruth and the oldies Mama Bella, Papa Resty and Tita Cristy, went to Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan.
Left the house at around 8 in the morning and arrived the place by 9 because we used the new NLEX.
Bought admission pass and find parking lot and entered the waterpark. Our cottage was at the Boracay no. 8. Changed clothes and ate first merienda before swimming. Explored the place first and had our photographs taken. Went smiwwing with Iya, Erika, Paulo and Ruth.

Here’s a photodiary:

Happy happy birthdaaaaay Iya.


iBlog Summit 8

Remember my post about the iBlog Summit? The day came and together with Aicha, went to Malcolm Theater at UP Diliman for the summit. Early birds so that we could register first for us to have food stabs and lucky for us to got stabs. The summit started at around 9:30 in the morning.

The first speaker was Mr. Carlo Ople, discussed about Unboxing the true potential of your blog.

Second speaker, Mark Joseph Delgado discussed about Creating a Blog Activation Campaign

Had break for 15 minutes

Three speakers talked about SEO and Social Media Marketing Panel, and they were Sean Patrick Si, Jason Acidre and Kim Tyrone Agapito.

One hour was given to us for our lunch.

While on break, we took photographs within the campus.

And were back to the summit again.

Next speaker, Danilo Arao discussed about Blogging, social media and journalism: The use, misuse and abuse of freedom of expression

Social Media and Social Change was discussed by the next speaker, Tonyo Cruz

 The next topic was Unwritten Blogging Etiquettes by Gellie Abogado

Last topic before the break was Youth and Blogging: The Next Generation Bloggers Are Here discussed by Lloyd Salac

After the break 3 more speakers to go.

The first one was James Jimenez who talked about Kasali Kayo: Reaching Out to Overseas Filipinos for the 2013 Elections via Social Media

They were looking for volunteers and here’s how

Bloggers the new PR community was discussed by the next speaker, Boris Joaquin

And lastly but not the least, Garry De Castro talked about Financial Planning for Bloggers

After the event, had opportunity to have a photo with the organizer of the event, Ms. Janette Toral

and the emcees of the summit Mr. Rod Magaru and Mr. Flow Galindez

The day was filled with a lot of learning from the bloggers/speakers on the summit. I would like to thank Ms. Janette for making this possible for us amateur bloggers as well as the expert bloggers who were present on the summit. Thank you to Aicha for accompanying me although you left me after lunch. Thank you to the speakers who have shared their knowledge in blogging. Most especially I thank God for giving me the talent of being able to express myself through writing and sharing it online by blogging.

More photos HERE!!!!


HK2012 Day 4 (blue)

Last day (may 23) of the trip and second day at the cruise. Started the day by waking up, jogging through the nearby place in the cabins and of course showering. Ate breakfast at the Mariner’s and made ourselves full for the whole day shopping agaaaaain. Fixed our things and disembarked at 8 in the morning and went back to the hotel to leave our things.

Shopping galore came into picture again as usual. Walked through Granville Circuit and found out discounts at shops and bought some things.

Went to the airport for our 6 pm flight and explored first the place before boarding in.

Sorry for the low quality of photos, I just used my phone. 🙂

More photos HERE!!!


HK2012 Day 3 (yellow)

Third day (may 22) of the trip, the group of my aunt consists of Tita Jing, Ms. Emily, Ms. Jocelyn, Ms. Chit, and Ms. Marie went shopping agaaaain. Our group which consists of me, Mr. & Mrs. Samson, Ate Cherry & boyfriend Kuya Jay, Mr. Orly and family with this ‘makulit’ Aicas the grand son of Mr. Orly went to ocean park to enjoy and experience the fishes and rides especially the cable car.

Visited first the aquarium and saw several fishes in different species.

We took photographs and immediately lined up for the cable car ride so that we could take the rides but unfortunately we didn’t have much time so we only rode bump cars. We ate our lunch and find our way to the train that will take us to the exit of the park.

On our way back to the hotel we rode the bus which costs 10.6 HK dollars and the MTR costs 8.50 HK dollars. From Tsim ShamTsiu Station we walked to the hotel. A bus picked us up to take us to the ferry for our cruise.

Checked in at 5pm for the cruise around Hong Kong. At first we were lost to where our cabins were and fortunately we found a fellow Filipino and told us where to go. As tourists we love to take photographs so as usual we all have our photos in every place we could strike a pose.

Explored the place, it was nice but there were no cool activities to be done because this cruise is especially made for casino lovers. Unfortunately it’s not my game but at least I have experienced to ride in a cruise.

Supper comes and nobody wanted to go down to eat but for us, together with Ms.  Marie we enjoyed our supper just the both of us. Went back to the cabin and slept.

More photos HERE!!!!


HK2012 Day 2 (red)

Started our second day (may21) by eating breakfast at a fast food and talked about where to go.

Rode the MTR to Tung Chung Station

Reached the Citygate Outlet and explored the place before shops and boutiques opened.

First plan was to go to Giant Buddha but my companions backed out when they learned that we need to take almost a hundred steps. Change of plans and just thought of going to the Noah’s Ark. Took the MTR to Hong Kong Station and rode a ferry to Park Island for us to reach the Noah’s Ark.

Lastly for our night trip, went to Mong Kok but bought nothing just window shopped.

More photos HERE!!!