6 Steps to #ResponsibleTravel!

As a support to the Footprints Project, I would like to share the 6 steps to responsible travel and here they are:

1. Research your destination.

  – It is always best to research the place you are going to. This will help you in exploring the place and visiting the most famous place in your destination.

2. Recognize rules.

  – Always respect the rules of the place you are in, you don’t know what will be the consequence of the things you might do because you don’t know the rules.

3. Reduce waste.

  – Every litter is big no-no to our environment, so let us help promote in reducing waste by starting within ourselves. Learn how to properly dispose your garbage to help the environment.

4. Respect wildlife.

  – God blessed us with wildlife so let us take care of it. These animals are part of our life so let us respect their habitats. They help us in some ways so let us help them in return also.

5. Report illegal activities.

  – If you see illegal activities to our environment, report them. There are a lot of them today and by reporting them will stop them from destroying our environment.

6. Repost/retweet.

  – Every time you have a new experience, use your social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress) to share what you have done. Encourage them to try those things before they die or else they will miss a lot from their life.

Visit their website for more information CLICK HERE!


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