HK2012 Day 1 (white)

Sunday (may 20) it is, the day we’ve been waiting for to come. The start of our trip to Hong Kong. Woke up at 5 in the morning to hear mass at 7 am to thank the Lord and ask for guidance in our trip. At exactly 10 am we left the house to go to  the airport for our 2 pm flight. Waited for our other companions before checking in. Lines were very long and we have to wait a bit longer. My aunt paid the travel tax for P550 and went to the immigration for clearance.

Explored the place while waiting for our flight. There were a lot of passengers that you can feel the warmness of the place. A lot of stories has been told and laughter covered our place. These authors have many thoughts to share to everyone. Boarding in comes and we were all panicked because we were at the wrong place. Everyone was confused in walking because we don’t know where to go but finally some of the uniformed men helped us find our way.

This is it, we are going inside the plane and we were all excited to take our seats. In the plane, there is this small screen that we can watch movies, tv, play games, listen to music and so on.

Here comes the food, I ordered for chicken and 7 up, it was nice but don’t expect that it is delicious.

Sound tripping all the hours of the flight and finally we have arrived at the Hong Kong Airport. Waited so long because of hundreds of passengers in the line to go out.

While we are walking through exit the flight attendants greeted us “thank you and see you again”.

Long walk again  to the immigration and thanks to the walkalator our feet were saved. Here comes immigration, checked by the immigration officer and put stamp on my passport.

Getting our luggages were a bit longer because of many bags that were checked in, we went out and find our ‘sundo’ but there was none. Finally went to the concierge to ask on where to find our ‘sundo’. A guy approached us and helped us in contacting the person we need. After everything has been fixed we were dropped off the hotel that we were not expecting that it is near almost all shopping outlets. My companions were very excited to get down and see what bargain could they get from these stores. we arrived at the park hotel and fixed things and checked in rested for awhile and went shopping.

More pictures HERE!!


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