Haberday Iya. (Amana Waterpark)

May25 was the birthday of my niece Iya so we celebrated it on May 26, together with Ate Weng, Kuya Jay, Paulo, Erika, Iya, Ruth and the oldies Mama Bella, Papa Resty and Tita Cristy, went to Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan.
Left the house at around 8 in the morning and arrived the place by 9 because we used the new NLEX.
Bought admission pass and find parking lot and entered the waterpark. Our cottage was at the Boracay no. 8. Changed clothes and ate first merienda before swimming. Explored the place first and had our photographs taken. Went smiwwing with Iya, Erika, Paulo and Ruth.

Here’s a photodiary:

Happy happy birthdaaaaay Iya.


One thought on “Haberday Iya. (Amana Waterpark)

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