HK2012 Day 3 (yellow)

Third day (may 22) of the trip, the group of my aunt consists of Tita Jing, Ms. Emily, Ms. Jocelyn, Ms. Chit, and Ms. Marie went shopping agaaaain. Our group which consists of me, Mr. & Mrs. Samson, Ate Cherry & boyfriend Kuya Jay, Mr. Orly and family with this ‘makulit’ Aicas the grand son of Mr. Orly went to ocean park to enjoy and experience the fishes and rides especially the cable car.

Visited first the aquarium and saw several fishes in different species.

We took photographs and immediately lined up for the cable car ride so that we could take the rides but unfortunately we didn’t have much time so we only rode bump cars. We ate our lunch and find our way to the train that will take us to the exit of the park.

On our way back to the hotel we rode the bus which costs 10.6 HK dollars and the MTR costs 8.50 HK dollars. From Tsim ShamTsiu Station we walked to the hotel. A bus picked us up to take us to the ferry for our cruise.

Checked in at 5pm for the cruise around Hong Kong. At first we were lost to where our cabins were and fortunately we found a fellow Filipino and told us where to go. As tourists we love to take photographs so as usual we all have our photos in every place we could strike a pose.

Explored the place, it was nice but there were no cool activities to be done because this cruise is especially made for casino lovers. Unfortunately it’s not my game but at least I have experienced to ride in a cruise.

Supper comes and nobody wanted to go down to eat but for us, together with Ms.  Marie we enjoyed our supper just the both of us. Went back to the cabin and slept.

More photos HERE!!!!


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