Bloggers United 3

Today I went to the Bloggers United 3 and met a lot of fashion bloggers. I was with my friends Mina, Maine and Can. There were a lot of things to be bought but I just got a jumper from Laureen Uy’s stall.

Here’s the photodiary:

Victor Basa

Divine Lee

David Guison and Vern Enciso

David Guison with my friends Mina and Maine

Lissa Kahayon

Tracy Ayson

Robbie Becroft

Verniece Enciso

Paul Jatayna

Dani Barretto

Krissy Cruz

Laureen Uy

the cropped top I gave her

Kryz Uy

Patricia Prieto

Camille Co

Ana Gonzales

It’s my first time to attend Bloggers United and I had so much fun. Thank you to all the bloggers who were very nice to us in taking a picture with them. Thank you to the organizers (Ms. Ana and Ms. Aisa)  of this event for making this happen. I hope I could attend again in the next Bloggers United. See you again to the most fashionable bloggers in the Bloggers United. 🙂

More photos HERE!!!!


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