Paco Park presents “Immortal Filipino Duets”

Yesterday, together with Shane, Andrea, Cash and Nery, we went to Paco Park to watch a classical recital entitled “Immortal Filipino Duets”. It was recommended by our professor Polly to watch for our project, review of the recitals we attended.

The said recital was directed by Ms. Maribel Ararao and featured the voice students and alumni of the Sta. Isabel College namely Aimee Ruth Buzeta, Cymbelene Gatdula, Cristina Nibay, Mary Ann Villamor, Mark Elorta, Marissa Francisco, Shiela Manga, John Cruz, Ellen Priela,  Arlene Escultero-Dy, Sarah Francisco and Hubert Tabi.

It was my first time to attend such recital and I had such a great time. The event started at six in the evening and sang 15 songs all through out the night. The songs were performed very well by the best singers.  The venue has a nice ambiance for great singers like them. It was also a nice venue for photoshoots and there is also a nice church. Everyone was in awe with the performance of the singers last night. The singers did a great job on their performance. My favorite performance was the song Sa Ugoy ng Duyan because they did a great version of the said song. I enjoyed every song and their own versions of these Filipino songs.

Here’s a photodiary of last night:

Aimee Ruth & Sheila Manga (Sa Libis ng Nayon)

Cymbalene Gatdula & John Cruz ( Sarung Banggi)

Shiela Manga & John Cruz (Usahay)

Cristina Nibay & John Cruz (Sapagkat Mahal Kita)

Ellen Kachiri Priela & Mary Ann Villamor (Pobreng Alindahaw)

Arlene Escultero-Dy & Mark Elorta (Araw-araw sa Maynila, Manalig Kang Iniibig Kita)

Shiela Manga & Arlene Escultero-Dy (Katakataka, Sa KAbukiran)

Sarah Francisco & Marissa Francisco (Anak Dalita)

Shiela Manga & Hubert Tabi (Lahat ng Araw, Lagi Kitang Naalala)

Best Singer, Shiela Manga

Group (O Ilaw, Ikaw ang Mahal Ko)

Blockmates Andrea, Cash, Shane and Nery

with John Cruz

More photos HERE!!!!


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