Never fails me to laugh

Watched Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme at SM Sta. Mesa alone and had fun because Eugene Domingo never fails me to keep on laughing. She is the type of actress that can really do the change of moods all of a sudden with just a snap. She portrayed the three roles very well that you won’t even think that only one person did it. She is very precise on how she act for a certain role.

Kimmy is just like my aunt, her motto in life is WORK.WORK.WORK. They love working everyday and doesn’t even think of resting.

Dora is just like me, happy go lucky person that just follow the flow of life and is always happy of what she is doing.

Charito (mother of Kimmy and Dora) is just like my own mother, who loves her children very much that she would do everything just to save them in any way she can.

The cameo roles were portrayed by big personalities in the industry and seeing them like that was very new to me. Maricar Reyes being Flight Attendant, Slater Young as waiter and many more funny cameo roles.

The special effects was incredible because they really did effort for the editing of the film. Their locations were very nice and it was a good place to visit someday. I really want to visit Korea in the future.

The movie was a bit long but you won’t bore yourself because you will see yourself laughing on every scene. Their properties were for real because of how they took care of it as mentioned in an interview with Eugene.

Congratulations Eugene and Direk Joyce Bernal for having another blockbuster movie that any person would always remember because of its quality.

Check out the trailer:


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