Satuday (June 30), together with Cash, Laiye, Nery and Bert we went to NBC Tent for the #imshoeinlove event. There are a lot of shoes on sale and even bags, wallets and many more stuffs to buy. Arrived the venue at 10:30 in the morning and started the shopping mania. As a blog reader I joined some giveaway and won a ticket so I did noti have to pay for my entrance.

(L-R) Laiye, Cash and Nery

(L-R) me, Cash, Laiye and Nery

As I enter the place I could see several shoes on each aisle that I was walking through. First thing to find was a school shoes with a heel for it is already required for us to use one so I first searched for the best shoe ever and I found one from Fancy Flats. It has an elevated heel and very comfortable to wear, I bought it for P300 only.

While walking on each aisle I saw these cute wallets that fits me so I bought two for P100.

Hundreds of brands were on sale like these

Killer Shoes

Proudly Philippine Made, Islander

I really wanted this, but didn’t have enough money. 😦

bought these for P100

Sophie’s Mom were present in the event

My Outfit Post:

Shirt – Sugarfree and Blue.Shorts – Bazaar. Slippers – EDC by Esprit.Bag – Adidas

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I had a great time with friends especially all the laughter we have shared.


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