Anagon Collection

This is a gift from my favorite Fashion Blogger ever, Ms. Ana Gonzales.

I just want to promote her online shop HERE.

 About Anagon Collection

Anagon Collection started in December 2005 by Ana Gonzales, then 3rd year journalism student at the University of Santo Tomas. Her very first collection were giant beaded earrings, while her first clients, her classmates, were the ones who named the brand as to what it is known with till now.

After several years, Anagon Collection’s accessories has been featured in glossy magazines, school fashion shows, beauty pageants, and other events, and annually takes part in the biggest bazaars in the metro such as the Candy Fair, St. James the Great Bazaar, and top universities’ Christmas bazaars.

Aside from accessories, Anagon Collection branches out to clothes, bags, and other cutesy thingamajigs. True to its soul, Anagon Collection aims to reach out to the modern-day hippies (the flower children of this generation), girls in their high school, college students, and the yuppies from 15-25 years old.


To spread peace and love through hippie and hip fashion.


To grow into the biggest hippie lifestyle store in the metro!


Hippie and Hip Accessories that wouldn’t eat up your allowance! 🙂

*from the website information 🙂


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