Hotel Transylvania

Today I watched Hotel Transylvania at SM Megamall, alone. hahahaha

It was a nice movie, it showed how a father (Dracula) would be so protective to his only daughter (Mavis) for her own good. But not all things should be dictated by his father and should let Mavis go out and discover things on her own. Then came, Jonathan (human) who was a traveler that discovered the place where no human was welcome. Jonathan needed to pretend to be a monster also so that he could stay in the hotel. At the latter part of the story, Mavis fell in love with Jonathan but then again her father knew about it and did not agree with it. In the end, Dracula realized that he was wrong being so protective to her daughter and let Mavis and Jonathan be together forever.

In my own story, my papa was also protective to me but then again let me discover new things on my own. She trusts me in whatever my decisions in life, that’s why I love my papa. 🙂


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