A Secret Affair

Today I watched A Secret Affair with Shane, Laiye and Andrea. 🙂

Yes, it is a different story from No Other Woman but still talks about relationships and betrayals.

Anton (Derek) was so hot, his scenes with Sam (Andi) was so unpredictable. His scene with Rafi (Anne) in the shower was very intimate and Rafi was so sexy. All of their sex scenes were so fine and nicely done especially the one Anton and Sam did in a construction area.  The movie was nice and I recommend you to watch it. For those who are friends who have the same guy they want, you will relate with the story. I liked the scene where Jacklyn Jose confronted the mistress of her husband because she was so courageous to do that. The ending was not predictable and I did not expect to finish like that but I liked how it ended, they all got to realized what mistakes they have done.

Favorite Lines from the movie:

 “Betrayal and infidelity in secrecy, is still betrayal and infidelity”

“Cheating is not an accident.. Its a choice!”

“It’s not love either. So stop thinking that in your twisted, psychotic delusional little head.”

“Shut up!! Bitch ka lang, ako Super Bitch!!”

“Huwag kang tanga, hindi bagay sa’yo. Hindi bagay sa ganda mo.”

Watch the trailer:


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