Sagada Trip Day 2

Second day of the tour.

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We had trekking on our way to Bomod-ok Falls.

Ready for the walking

Group photo before the trekking

Nice view

This is it. 🙂

After the long walk, we reached the Bomod-ok Falls.

We swam and enjoyed the falls

After we went to the Bomod-ok Falls, we passed by the church and being so clumsy I stepped on a poo. 😦

We freshen up ourselves and prepared for the Zipline.

The Zipline Girl 🙂

We ate merienda at Ganduyan Cafe

and ate Dinner at Bana’s Cafe and Restaurant

That ends our day 2 in Sagada. I had so much fun even though the long walks made my feet ache it was all worth it seeing the Bomod-ok Falls. For the longest time also, I experienced again the zipline. Wohoooo for our day 2 in Sagada. 🙂


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