Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

This is the best experience ever in Sagada, Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave.

Step 1: To get us to the bottom of the cave

Our guide with their lights

with Paulo

(L-R) Pau, me, Ate Weng and Kuya Jay

All the way down

Step 2: To see the rock formations


Walking through the cave for more rock formations

Coolness!!! the water is so clear. 🙂

We even washed our faces


THE CAKE, the QUEEN prepared for us!


Clear water again. 🙂

Step 3: We had to go through a breast deep water

Another rock formation

Mama Mary and Jesus

with the group and our guide Kuya Sotero

Another rock formation

was so amazed with the clear water. 🙂

Group photo again

We had to do rappelling for us to go up

Group photo

After the Spelunking

with the guides Kuya Sotero ad Kuya Lester

What a great experience we had in the cave. It was quite difficult to go down but it was all worth the Spelunking. Had so much fun. 🙂


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