Madaling Araw, Mahabang Gabi

I watched Madaling Araw, Mahabang Gabi at SM Sta. Mesa alone. It was a nice movie. 🙂

It was the eve of All Soul’s Day. The story revolved around the stories of different things they would do just for a dare. It started when Angelica Panganiban, dared everyone to play a game called “Pangangaluluwa” which is a tradition in Palawan where one is to steal from the living to honor the dead. They head out in groups, each of them getting into their own misadventures.

Buboy Garovillo and Rocco Nacino

Where Buboy wanted to learn how to play the guitar and always goes to the bar because of Rocco so that he could teach him. They got coconuts because of the cheesy line stated by Buboy, and learned that Angelica likes Coconut Crabs so they got crabs but unfortunately Rocco got bitten.

 Eric Tai, Tutti Caringal, Jeffrey Hidalgo and Lou Veloso

They robbed the rural bank of the province where they did not gain anything and was caught by the police when they shoot the security guard (Lou) of the bank.

Karel Marquez and Dominic  Roco

Two certified virgins talked together where Dominic is confused with his gender and Karel never experienced anything except for a kiss to her crush when she was 13 years old. The night changed everything with a kiss to each other where Dominic realized that he was not gay and Karel was shocked when they woke up in the morning where they are both naked and something happened to them.

Cherie Gil, Kean Cipriano and Edgar Allan Guzman

Kean and Edgar was looking for something somewhere in the bushy area where Kean was peeing and saw a cougar Cherrie and immediately fell in love with her. Cherrie was waiting for the call of her bestfriend’s husband to where they are going to meet. I was shocked with the kissing scene of Cherrie and Kean. (OMG!!)

Jerald Napoles and Boobay

Jerald a cosplayer together with his friend Boobay was attacked by other cosplayers where they were defeated on the first attempt. On the second attempt where they changed costumes they won over the cosplayers.

Glaiza de Castro and Callum David with Alchris Galura

Glaiza and Callum met in a beach area where Glaiza toured Callum to the Underground River and after that they had a one night stand where Callum never got the chance to get her name. Callum seek help from Alchris to find this girl and when Callum saw a picture of a tattoo where Glaiza has in the wallet of Alchris, he realized that her sister has it and was so angry with Callum.

At the end of the story,  they all realized and learned something on their own adventures and stories.

Watch the trailer:

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