Raniag’s First Birthday

Saturday (December 8), we celebrated the birthday of my nephew Raniag at Lagro. Kwento through photos:

The tarpaulin

Kidlat with his ice cream

Ate Weng and Raniag

Birthday Boy!!

Top view

Tita Cristy



Tita Lil and Raniag

Late clown!!


Ate belle and her classmate in college

Ruth and Raniag, the celebrants.

Tita Lil and Raniag

The Boys (L-R) Kuya Popo, Kuya Erik and Kuya Rainier with Mama Bella


Eating time!!!

Ate belle with Raniag

Exhausted, Tita Jing

Cute cakeee!!

The Family, Nanay and Tatay’s wish to Raniag

Most active


Giving of giveaways!

Yay! Korean Ice Cream. Yum!! 🙂

Tita Jing with Raniag and the tarpaulin

Happy Birthday Raniag!!! Be a good boy to everyone. Stay sweet and always smiling. 🙂



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