Bloggers United 4

Saturday (December 15), Bloggers United was so overwhelming because there are a lot bloggers present at the event. Being a blog reader, I enjoy seeing them in one event like this one. (click link for their blogs) 🙂

Kryz Uy and Patricia Prieto (I don’t know the one on the left)

Thirsthythought and Paradigma

Tracy Ayson

Fashion Fangirl

ever gorgeous Verniece Enciso


very tall Vern Enciso

A Shoe Tale

very makulit Aisa Ipac

Drowning Equilibriums

gwapoooong PR Paul Chuapoco

The PR Guy

humorous Marcelo Santos


very happy Krissy Cruz

i am Krissy

simple Shaila Garde

loving couple behind LoveChic Shaila Garde and Seph Cham

Love Chic

pretty fashion eggplant Sarah Tirona

Fashion Eggplant

very good Fashionista Commuter Ana Gonzales

Fashionista Commuter

Camille Co

Camille Tries ti Blog

very nice Dani Barretto

Style is Eternal

sexy Lissa Kahayon

Scene Stealer

cutie David Guison




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