Telemarketers Summit Experience!!

Here comes Friday (May 3), our event day (Telemarketers Summit). I was part of the registration committee and we were advised to be at the venue (Crowne Plaza Hotel) by 6 am so we could fix everything before the arrival of the delegates. Before we finally start, we prayed for guidance  for the success of our event.

We went back to our assigned positions and as part of the registration, I patiently waited for the delegates assigned to me. Every time there is someone coming, we would always smile and greet the delegates as they come to us to register. I would give them their ID and loot bag as they sign  in the registration and remind them about their assigned seat that was indicated in their ID.

There was a little problem also about the survey questionnaire, because we lack 30 more copies so I was sent to photocopy it at National Bookstore. After lunch, we fixed the certificates for the delegates to be distributed after the conference. There were lost certificates so we reprinted it and some new names who did not submit their names before the event. Then I was assigned to be an instant photographer also because no one was to take care of the camera of my boss. Haha. So I walked around the venue to take photos of the event, the speakers, the exhibitors and everything else that was happening. The event ended with raffles from the sponsors and exhibitors of the event. After the event I ran back to the registration to help in giving out the certificates to the delegates. After the giving of certificates, we had a group photo with the international speaker Tom Abbott and his wife Elaine.



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