The Nagsasa Cove Invasion

Last weekend (May 10-11), I joined the company outing of Ex-link Events (the company where I am conducting my OJT) and we went to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. It was an extra ordinary experience because it’s not the usual summer getaway because of no signal, no WIFI, no electricity and no expensive hotel rooms but slept in tents.

After a three-hour long drive from Pasig, we arrived San Antonio, Zambales by 4 am and waited for our boat ride for us to be in Nagsasa. The boat ride almost took about 2 hours.

In our boat ride I was amazed with the beautiful view.

and finally arrived the place called Nagsasa Cove

Got to rest first before we explored the place

Here are some snaps:

Then we had lunch, yummy Ensaladang Talong and Inihaw na Tilapia

After lunch, we rested for a while and the group decided to go trekking around the place

We reached the top and were in awe with the nice view and we just can’t resist to have our photos taken.

After our trek, we rested and chilled out, more sleep and kwentos at our kubo

At around 5 pm we decided to go on swimming because the sun was almost out already.

After our swim, we changed clothes and ate dinner. To kill the boredom, we played pinoy henyo and after that we were invited to get drunk (lol joke!) haha.

We were all assigned to sleep in tents but it was too hot staying inside the tent so I decided to sleep int the “duyan” that was bought by Ms. Shaine.

The next day, after breakfast we prepared for the games.

Game time:

First game was Sack Race with a twist

Next game was The Food Game!!

and lastly was the Build the Word game!!

Then we gave certificates to everybody

Group shots!!

and it’s awarding time

The Winners Team

 The Losers Team

and the Game Committee. haha

one last group shot after the games.

and it was time to go home!

Things I learned / realized during the trip:

– Life is so simple and I am loving it to be back to basics. Actually after getting too addicted to Facebook nowadays I thought I can’t survive things like this but then again I got to try these and really enjoyed the experience.

– You learn many things when you’re away from home.

– It’s really fun to relax and unwind in a very peaceful place.

* Other photos by Orly Ballesteros


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