My Practicum Journey

I have finished my Practicum since Friday and I am missing the work already. So here I am blogging about my Practicum Journey. My 6 weeks stay at Ex-link was worth remembering because of the experience and the people I have worked with. They are a team with good working relationship with each other.

Since I was part of their organization already, I was registered with the bio-metrics, this is their DTR. It needs your finger print so that your time can be read the machine will record it.

We also had our telephone locals, mine was 117.

My task was to e-mail blast and call to follow up.

This was my colorful space, full of sticky notes all over my computer monitor and keyboard.

Few days before the event, we were tasked to fix the loot bags to be given away to the delegates during the event. This one was for MegaFiber.

and this is for Belle de Jour.

a day before the event, we were rushing the ID’s, fixing it by companies and also fixing it alphabetical.

On the event itself, I was tasked to be at the registration booth. We need to give the delegates their ID and loot bag.

The Ex-link team were such nice people to work with. They were very approachable that every time I need to ask something they are always ready to answer me.

Thank you for the opportunity the management has given me to experience the work here in Ex-link. Thank you to my work mates for being good to me. Thank you to my immediate supervisor, Ms. Shaine for all the things you have shared to me. Thank you for the new learning I got from this company. All this things, I can use for my future. Thank you for the accounting 101 of Ms. Shaine although I am not really into math. I still managed to do the task even though it’s not me and also being organized with the documentation of Telemarketers. I don’t usually do that but did it here.


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