Today, I attended the #AnnaKareNina event at The Mind Museum with the lead stars Barbie Forteza, Krystal Reyes and Joyce Ching, this event is in line with Children’s Hour.

Kids were asked to show their talents

It was their time to talk, a short interview from the hosts

After the short talk, almost all people wanted a photo together with them.

My turn to have a photo with them

AnnaKareNina with the bloggers.  (Photo from Children’s Hour’s Facebook)

Photo from http://www.lifeiskulayful.net/

With the Children’s Hour Team

Jampacked group photo.

After the event at the Mind Museum, we went to Singapore Food Republic for lunch and Blogger’s Q & A

They were very open to share their thoughts about their upcoming show Anna KareNina.

 Photo with Barbie before we leave

My new friend, Ate Vance. Thanks for being my photographer. (Hahaha!!)

Watch out for Anna KareNina on June 3, 2013



6 thoughts on “#AnnaKareNina

  1. it looks nice.. too bad that I don’t have a TV at home.. I wish I have the TV and the time.. but the drama looks good and the actress looks so cute too

  2. I don’t watch TV so I have no idea who these kids are and about their remake of the soap but it is nice to see that the kids at the Mind Museum seemed to have a great time. You also looked happy 🙂

  3. They look so cute! I remember watching that soap when I was young but now I rarely watch TV. I hope they can make it a successful remake. Good luck to you pretties!

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