Cucina Andare: Abhie’s Kitchen

Abhie’s Kitchen owned by Abhie Sunga is a one of a kind because you can create your  pasta with just 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose your pasta (Spaghetti, Penne, and Fusilli)

Step 2: Choose your sauce.

Step 3: Choose four ingredients you want to put.


and their finish products,

The Spaghetti with White Sauce, this is very yummy and tasty. I love the white sauce because it really goes with the spaghetti. This is my favorite among the three that they served to us.

Fusilli with White Sauce, is also delicious and it has different taste with the spaghetti even though it has same sauce.

and lastly the Penne with 4 Cheese Sauce, the owner mentioned that the best sauce is the 4 Cheese and it is true. It is very tasty and delicious.

They definitely have great pastas and I highly recommend them to be visited and tried. So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.



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