Cucina Andare: Cuisiniers

Cuisiniers owned by Andrea Dela Cruz. They were the most generous to us in giving their samples.

They offer Chicken Barbecue (Legs P75 and Breast P80), this is my favorite from all the other that they gave us. It is very soft and tasty. Even if it has no sauce it is very delicious.

The Pork Barbecue is at P70 with rice is very sulit because almost all are meat and no   fat. It is also tasty and very nourishing.

The Slow Roast Beef (P130) is prepared  almost a day that it is very soft and very easy to eat. The distinct taste is very one of a kind.

Cuisiniers was overall very delicious and tasty, it is a highly recommended place to eat especially when you really want to fill your stomach with a lot. So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.

Visit their Facebook for more information.



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