Singapore Outfits!!

My 4 day stay in Singapore was so much fun. I got to dress up for each day and here they are:

Airport outfit.

Top from Uniqlo, Jeans from Jag Jeans, Bag from My Favorite Store, Sandals from Toeberries.

 Sentosa/Universal OOTD!!

Top from Perfect Fit Shop, Short thrifted, Sandals from Toeberries.

Merlion outfit.

Top from Aivan Magno (BU5), Shorts from Laureen Uy (BU3), Cap from Folded and Hung

Zoo outfit.

Top from Jag Jeans, Shorts from ate belle.

Last day outfits.

(Mine) Top from Two Zero, Jeans from Jag Jeans, Sandals from Toeberries.

(Pau’s) Polo from Dickies, Jeans from Lee, Shoes from Vans

Thanks Paulo for always taking my outfit photos. hihi.



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