Mamang’s 80th

Yesterday (July 12), I attended the surprise birthday party of Mamang (grandmother of Laiye). It was a very happy and fun celebration because she really don’t have any idea about the party and was really surprised with her visitors.

Nice cake!


Grand Entrance!! Hihi.

Supeeeer surprised!!!

picture per table

more chika more fun. hihi

Buffet dinner!!

Mamang with her bouquet

with her two children

Cake and Flowers

with the kids!! hihi


Peace yo!!

Ninice sang a song for Mamang

Gift giving


Award: Couple of the night

Award: Darling of the night

Messages from Apo’s: LJ

From (L-R) Ninice, Laiye, LJ, Ate Lan, Mamang, Kuya Jomel and Tchin

Message from Tita Josephine

and I forgot his name. hihi.

her manugang, Tita Cristy

Blowing of candles

Party mode on after the program!!!

Bonggang outfit!!!

Happy 80th birthday Mamang!!!



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