Telemarketers Summit Experience!!

Here comes Friday (May 3), our event day (Telemarketers Summit). I was part of the registration committee and we were advised to be at the venue (Crowne Plaza Hotel) by 6 am so we could fix everything before the arrival of the delegates. Before we finally start, we prayed for guidance  for the success of our event.

We went back to our assigned positions and as part of the registration, I patiently waited for the delegates assigned to me. Every time there is someone coming, we would always smile and greet the delegates as they come to us to register. I would give them their ID and loot bag as they sign  in the registration and remind them about their assigned seat that was indicated in their ID.

There was a little problem also about the survey questionnaire, because we lack 30 more copies so I was sent to photocopy it at National Bookstore. After lunch, we fixed the certificates for the delegates to be distributed after the conference. There were lost certificates so we reprinted it and some new names who did not submit their names before the event. Then I was assigned to be an instant photographer also because no one was to take care of the camera of my boss. Haha. So I walked around the venue to take photos of the event, the speakers, the exhibitors and everything else that was happening. The event ended with raffles from the sponsors and exhibitors of the event. After the event I ran back to the registration to help in giving out the certificates to the delegates. After the giving of certificates, we had a group photo with the international speaker Tom Abbott and his wife Elaine.



Telemarketers Summit and Expo

This year is another year of exciting challenges for your business and sales
group. This year is another year for you to reach milestones, and one of
these milestones is hitting the higher sales target you set.  You will agree
with us if we say that to achieve new milestones we need a different
approach. Also, you will agree with us that to allow your sales team to fly
higher they need additional tools and skills sets.

We both know that we cannot achieve different things if we will do the same
things we do repeatedly. We even have one famous quote for that,“Insanity is
doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

This is the reason that we wanted to invite you and your sales group most
especially those that do telemarketing as their primary tool in selling and marketing to attend the first Telemarketers Summit May 3, 2013, Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.Real Conversations. Real Results.

Key Learning Benefits
•    Know the current best practices in telemarketing
•    Learn a deeper understanding on Gate Keepers and how to establish
relationships with them
•    Learn to manage and control your voice to effectively connect to your
•    Learn and expand your knowledge in measuring your team’s telemarketing
•    Learn and understand a deeper meaning of telemarketing as a profession
and function

The event speakers are all experts of the industry. Best of all, we have
painstakingly selected these speakers to make the learning experience fun,
easy to understand and interactive with the attendees. This makes your
investment wise and SULIT. 

A Motivational Gift to Your Sales Team
You may also use this event as an incentive for your marketing and sales
group. We guarantee this is one event that will make their spirits high and
love for their work more intense! After the event, see you group energized
and vibrant, ready to take the challenges with a new found passion.

Relationship Building
Of course, telemarketing is not only for selling and marketing.
Telemarketing is also for relationship building or loyalty building. It is
an open secret that acquiring new customers are expensive compared to
maintaining proven customers. You may use telemarketing to achieve this
goal. The event will teach you how. This we promise!

So what are you waiting for! Dial our number Tel.No. 387-6241. We will be
happy at the other end of the line to answer and reserve your seats in the

Hurry and do not waste time. The seats are pre-arranged. The earlier you
booked, the better are your chances of getting the best seats in the event.

Thank you very much in advance for joining us in this momentous learning


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