Going Home, Bye Singapore

Every travel comes to an end and here it comes for us to go and leave Singapore. It was a very worth while 4 day stay. I’ll be back soon I have my own money. hihi.

Our luggage.

Airport’s walkator

Took photos while on the walkalator. hihi

owell, this kept us company while waiting for our flight.

and it’s time to goooo!!!

Cool clouds. yay.

Our trip to Singapore was very enjoyable and fun. Thank you tita jing for the “libre” again. hahaha.

* other photos by Paulo Soriano



Chinatown, Singapore

They say that when it comes to shopping, Chinatown is the place to be in Singapore. So, we visited that early in the morning before our “tour”. hahaha.

Tired yet happy because of shopping. πŸ™‚

Yay, this was a very nice place. They had beautiful souvenirs and very affordable.

* other photos by Paulo Soriano