Cucina ni Bunso

Today I visited a new restaurant owned by Mark and Mel at Sct. Lozano.

Plain Rice (P35)

 For sharing!!

Seafood Kare Kare (P340)

This is so different because it has seafood!! It has shrimp and tahong. wohoo. so yummy. The Kare Kare has distinct taste and is really different.

 yummy home made bagoong (ulam. hahaha)

As what I have mentioned above, eto pa lang ulam na. hahaha. Seriously it has different taste, although I still love Bagoong Ilocano. hihi but this is just irresistible.

Beef Kaldereta (P345)

Something different for this one is the cheese. It makes the dish wonderful and very delicious.

Chicken ni Mel (P295) with gravy and Caramelized Apple

The chicken is marinated overnight and is roasted for one and half hour as said by the chef. The recipe is modified by the chef too. It is different from other chickens because of the taste and the gravy too. The side dish, Caramelized Apple is also delicious.

Lemongrass coolers (P45)

Yes, I can say that I would love to have this all day, it’s not that too sweet. hihi

Halo Halo Turon (P120)

This one is very new to me. I have never seen this yet but today. It’s very yummy and the presentation is very nice. You would see yourself eating just one piece of the turon.

Not yet in the menu, Bunso Bread.

It looks like a cinnamon roll but at the center it has bacon. It’s very tasty and you won’t regret trying it. The bread is very soft.

The Chef! Sir Mel. He is very accommodating.

 with the bloggers

with Chef Mel!

with the staff!!

with Ms. Anna, Thanks for the invite po. 😀

The interiors!!! It’s so cooool. hihi.

Their comfort room has this cutesy photo. hihi.

Outside of their kitchen.

 Different chairs and tables.

Cool plates.

Very nice chandeliers!!

Visit Cucina ni Bunso at 117B Sct. Lozano St. corner Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Check out their Facebook for more information. 😀



Happy 92nd Nanay!!!

Today we celebrated the 92nd birthday of Nanay (my grandmother). We ate lunch in Lagro with lots of handaaaa!! hihi. Thanks Mother, Tita Jing, Mama Bella for the foods! yey. happy tummy agaaaain. 🙂

with the fam bam!!

Mama Bella and Motherhood!!

with Paulo and Ruth

Tita Cristy, Mama Bella and Motherhood!!


and the foooooood!!

Pancit Bihon c/o Mama Bella

Fish Fillet c/o Motherhood

Shrimps bought by Tita Jing. yummmmyy!!!

Caldereta by Motherhoood!!!

Fried Tilapia!!

Cake bought by Tita Cristy

Yay, hello Raniag.

Tita Nally

Happy Birthday Nanay!!! More to come. hihi



Cocina Centrale Launch

Yesterday (June 29) together with some bloggers and Ate Weng and Kuya Jay, we attended the launch of the Cocina Centrale at Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga.

There are a lot of stalls to look forward to when you visit the place, here’s a few snap.

(cake pops (chocolate, vanilla, cookies, red velvet, triple dark chocolate, rockyroad))

very yummy Adobo Pasta. 🙂

(pastries and pastillas)

(baby shu, choco sku, cupcakes and sora)

(chicken burrito, beef burrito and ramen)

(chewy sansrival, araro cookies and nancy balls)

(an assortment of crepes (sugar, choco, banana, baileys, etc.))

(Thai green curry and stir fry ground pork)

(burgers and cheese steak burgers)

(chicken Pampanga inasal, pork inasal, beef caldereta and barbecue products)

(mamoose tofu chips, pizza bread, harry bread, donuts, walnuts, Korean cakes, cookies and hotdogs sandwiches)

(pastillas, peanuts, caramel, macaroons, garlic chips and tarts)

(different variety of peanuts)

(crunchy belly and Carlo’s special steaks)

(choco dips, oatmeal chocolate chips, double chocolate chips and muffins)

(koko fried chicken (chicken and soy garlic) and primavera

(8 different types of sisig, from usual pork sisig to vegetarian sisig)

Enjoyed the food tasting with these two (Ate Weng & Kuya Jay). Thanks guys for accompanying me. 🙂

Food Tasting outfit:

Denim Top – Aisa Ipac

Purple Jeans – forgot. hihi

Sandals -Toeberries



Cucina Andare: Abhie’s Kitchen

Abhie’s Kitchen owned by Abhie Sunga is a one of a kind because you can create your  pasta with just 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose your pasta (Spaghetti, Penne, and Fusilli)

Step 2: Choose your sauce.

Step 3: Choose four ingredients you want to put.


and their finish products,

The Spaghetti with White Sauce, this is very yummy and tasty. I love the white sauce because it really goes with the spaghetti. This is my favorite among the three that they served to us.

Fusilli with White Sauce, is also delicious and it has different taste with the spaghetti even though it has same sauce.

and lastly the Penne with 4 Cheese Sauce, the owner mentioned that the best sauce is the 4 Cheese and it is true. It is very tasty and delicious.

They definitely have great pastas and I highly recommend them to be visited and tried. So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.



Cucina Andare: Wrap Battle

Wrap Battle is owned by Paul Wenceslao. He started his business when he realized that he needs to earn money after having no more writing assignments. He then learns how to cook and make his own recipe for his business.


and the finished product, yummy. 

They offer these products with very affordable prices. Their best seller is the Beef Nacho Wrap while the personal favorite of the owner is Chicken Nacho Wrap. 😀

Overall, Wrap Battle offers a very delicious, tasty and nourishing food. I highly recommend that you should visit their stall. They’re the best. 🙂 So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.

Visit their Facebook for more information. 



Cucina Andare: Crunchy Belly

Crunchy Belly owned by Kat Reatazo

As seen above, it looks yummy and I can also say that it is very crunchy and delicious, they live to what their name is. It is very tasty even though you don’t soak it in vinegar, others need to be soaked just to be tasty. As far as I know this is one of the best of its kind. I recommend this Crunchy Belly to you guys because it’s one of a kind. You won’t regret you P120 trying this one. So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.

Visit their Facebook & Twitter for more information.



Cucina Andare: My Yellow Kitchen

My Yellow Kitchen owned by Marion Vasque

They offer 3 Mushroom Pesto Panini, I did not like this because it’s not so delicious.   It is only P80, very affordable.

The Chicken Adobo Cream Pasta is the best ever, it’s very tasty and delicious. I would also include this on my favorites list. You could really taste the adobo in the pasta. The beef is soft and easy to eat and is also very tasty. It is very affordable with just P100 per serving.

I want you to try the Chicken Adobo Cream Pasta because it’s their best seller and I’m sure you won’t regret buying it. This is another favorite that I would want to go back and try more and more. So try to visit them at Cucina Andare every Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 4pm-3am at Glorietta Park.