Movie Production for Digital Migration Day 3

Sunday (June 30), final day of our seminar still with Mark, Laiye and Nery. A lot of speakers talked about how distribution happens and how the process is very hard and need more patience. Here’s a photodiary:

and finally got my certificate for the 3 day seminar



Movie Production for Digital Migration Day 2

Saturday (June 29), second day of our seminar was with Mark, Laiye and Nery. I did not finish the seminar because of some other commitments to attend to. So here’s what I just snapped the time I was there.



Another Great Movie: BROMANCE

Today is another Tuesday, and time to treat myself to another good movie.


Shirt – Ecko Red

Short – Two Zero

Bag – gift

I chose to watch Bromance because I know it’s a funny movie. Well I was not disappointed because it’s totally hilarious. Hands down to Zanjoe who portrayed the role very well. I can’t believe that Zanjoe will pull off the gay role but it was pretty well. The story teaches us not to be greedy and we should learn to forgive and move on from the things that have happened in the past. I recommend that you should watch this. 🙂

Watch the trailer here:



Transform yourself with Schick.

“If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would you use it?”

Answer: I would help fixing the problems of the people in the world such as police problems, environmental (Global Warming). I will use his superhuman intelligence to organize a free seminar for students so that they will learn a lot from my intelligence. I will treat myself and my family of flying to wherever they wanted such as going to Singapore or Hong Kong.


Join Schick’s Superman promo contest by clicking the photo above. Schick. Free Your Skin.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.