Movie Production for Digital Migration Day 3

Sunday (June 30), final day of our seminar still with Mark, Laiye and Nery. A lot of speakers talked about how distribution happens and how the process is very hard and need more patience. Here’s a photodiary:

and finally got my certificate for the 3 day seminar



Movie Production for Digital Migration Day 2

Saturday (June 29), second day of our seminar was with Mark, Laiye and Nery. I did not finish the seminar because of some other commitments to attend to. So here’s what I just snapped the time I was there.



Advertising Seminar with Ms. Faye Arellano

Monday (January 7), I attended an Advertising Seminar with Faye Arellano as the speaker. It was organized by CA4 ate Jopen, Trish, ate Aira, Jam and our block mate Laiye for their Seminar Course subject.

The Speaker Faye Arellano

Emcee Trish

(L-R) ate Jheng, Shane, Andrea and me

Giving of Certificate

with the organizers and their Professor (L-R) ate Jopen, Laiye, Ms. Abalos, Faye Arellano, ate Aira, Trish and Jam

Block mates (L-R) Laiye, Andrea, Shane, Faye Arellano and me


I learned many things, Thank you Faye Arellano for sharing your knowledge with us and thank you Laiye for inviting me to your seminar. 🙂