Singapore Outfits!!

My 4 day stay in Singapore was so much fun. I got to dress up for each day and here they are:

Airport outfit.

Top from Uniqlo, Jeans from Jag Jeans, Bag from My Favorite Store, Sandals from Toeberries.

 Sentosa/Universal OOTD!!

Top from Perfect Fit Shop, Short thrifted, Sandals from Toeberries.

Merlion outfit.

Top from Aivan Magno (BU5), Shorts from Laureen Uy (BU3), Cap from Folded and Hung

Zoo outfit.

Top from Jag Jeans, Shorts from ate belle.

Last day outfits.

(Mine) Top from Two Zero, Jeans from Jag Jeans, Sandals from Toeberries.

(Pau’s) Polo from Dickies, Jeans from Lee, Shoes from Vans

Thanks Paulo for always taking my outfit photos. hihi.



Cocina Centrale Launch

Yesterday (June 29) together with some bloggers and Ate Weng and Kuya Jay, we attended the launch of the Cocina Centrale at Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga.

There are a lot of stalls to look forward to when you visit the place, here’s a few snap.

(cake pops (chocolate, vanilla, cookies, red velvet, triple dark chocolate, rockyroad))

very yummy Adobo Pasta. 🙂

(pastries and pastillas)

(baby shu, choco sku, cupcakes and sora)

(chicken burrito, beef burrito and ramen)

(chewy sansrival, araro cookies and nancy balls)

(an assortment of crepes (sugar, choco, banana, baileys, etc.))

(Thai green curry and stir fry ground pork)

(burgers and cheese steak burgers)

(chicken Pampanga inasal, pork inasal, beef caldereta and barbecue products)

(mamoose tofu chips, pizza bread, harry bread, donuts, walnuts, Korean cakes, cookies and hotdogs sandwiches)

(pastillas, peanuts, caramel, macaroons, garlic chips and tarts)

(different variety of peanuts)

(crunchy belly and Carlo’s special steaks)

(choco dips, oatmeal chocolate chips, double chocolate chips and muffins)

(koko fried chicken (chicken and soy garlic) and primavera

(8 different types of sisig, from usual pork sisig to vegetarian sisig)

Enjoyed the food tasting with these two (Ate Weng & Kuya Jay). Thanks guys for accompanying me. 🙂

Food Tasting outfit:

Denim Top – Aisa Ipac

Purple Jeans – forgot. hihi

Sandals -Toeberries



Uniqlo VIP opening at SM Fairview

I attended the Uniqlo VIP opening at SM Fairview last Tuesday

Before the shopping starts,  VIP’s were served with yummy food.

and it’s shopping time

She was very happy to give us baskets

Here are some few clothes I snapped:



For Kids:

Tank Tops



saw some celebrities who graced the event


Janine Tugonon

Kristinedera of Love Radio

Carlo Aquino

met new friends, Lyssa and Jhonnel


Top – Aisa Ipac (bazaar)

Jeans – Jag Jeans

Shoes – Divisoria

Bag – My Favorite Store (bazaar)

Blogger Tokens


Gift Certificates which I used for shopping

and here’s what I got

Sanrio top

Green Slippers

Go and check them out, the store will be opening tomorrow, June 14. It’s located at the Upper Ground Floor, West Wing of SM City Fairview!!

Visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter for more information.


Pretty Awesome: Hangover Part 3

Today I watched Hangover Part 3 and it’s pretty awesome. The movie was great, the 3 lead stars did not fail me and they made me laugh all over. It taught me to not leave my friends when they really need my help. Friends will always be there to be with you. The three lead stars were friends for a long time already and they always have something to do with each other. Hihi. They all deserve that friendship they kept through the years. Congratulations to Allan for the wedding. And the last thing that happened after the credits was so much nice, it’s really a Hangover. Haha!!

I recommend this movie to everyone. It won’t fail you just like me. It’s more fun than Hangover 1.

Watch the trailer: