Kusu Island

As part of our cruise, we visited a place called Kusu Island.

Coooool wishing well. hihi.

Emote lang ang peg. hihi

By the bay photos.

Names on sand. 🙂

Yay, this is a beautiful island to visit. Although there aren’t activities to be done, its very relaxing to be in this place.

* other photos by Paulo Soriano



S.E.A. Aquarium

We went to The Maritime Experiential Museum (S.E.A. Aquarium)

Before the fishes, there is a museum of different countries

and here comes, fishesssss


Yay, It’s a beautiful place where fishes are and I heard it’s the biggest among the world.  Wow, nice. Don’t forget to visit this place when you go to Singapore. 🙂

* other photos by Paulo Soriano



Cable Car Museum

As part of our cable car ride, we get a pass to the cable car museum / souvenir shop.

with Tita Jing and Paulo

Chit and Marie

Souvenir Shop

and took photos to the different kinds of the cable cars.

It was a nice place because it’s very educational and helpful. Although the souvenirs sold here are a bit pricey.

* other photos by Paulo Soriano