THE PHILIPPINE SME BUSINESS EXPO – “Your SME Business Gateway”, the country’s premier business expo to be held at the SMX Convention Center Taguig, located at the 3rd floor of SM AuraPremier, on July 12 to 14, lays down a roster of prominent personality to speak during the three-day event.

On this three-day expo, participants and visitors will get the latest industry insights through the country’s leading business experts and leaders. Visitors will also be able to enjoy exciting discounts and raffle prizes which include gift certificates, an iPad and a brand new car.

Register online for FREE at http://philippinesmebusinessexpo.com/registration.php and get updated through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PhilippineSMEBusinessExpo and Twitter: http://twitter.com/PhilSMEexpo via #EmpoweringSME.

July 12, 2013 (Friday):

2:30-3:30pm – “THE IMPACT OF THE TAX SYSTEM ON SMEs” with Mr. Mon Abrea,                           President, CSR Philippines and Chief Strategy Officer, Abrea Consulting Group

4:00-5:00pm – “SOCIAL ENTERPRISES AND ECO-FRIENDLY CONCEPTS” with Ms.                                     Charlene Tan of Good Food Community, Ms. Reese Fernandez, President of Rags2Riches & Ms. Noreen Bautista of Jacinto and Lirio.

5:00-6:00pm – “HEALTH, BEAUTY AND WELLNESS ENTERPRISES with Ms. Cory                             Quirino, Health and Wellness Guru and Coach Rio de la Cruz, Running Coach and Event Organizer.

6:00-7:00pm – “COMPANY BRANDING & DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES” with Mr. Ralph Wunsch, President, MetroDeal Manila.

July 13, 2013 (Saturday):

2:00-2:45pm – “4 SITUATIONAL MODES OF MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP FOR SMEs” with Mr. Rowen Untivero, Partner, Senior Consultant & Head of Sales                                  Practice, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

4:00-4:45pm – “DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET” with Ms. Janette C. Toral, E-Commerce Specialists, DigitalFilipino.com

4:45-5:30pm – “SECRETS OF TYCOONS SMEs CAN LEARN FROM” with Mr. Wilson Lee  Flores, Palanca Award Winner and Philippine Star Columnist.

6:00-7:00pm – “WHY VALUES MATTER IN BUSINESS” with Mr. Judah Paolo, President, Lead Out Coaching & Consultancy, Inc

July 14, 2013 (Sunday):

 11:00am-12:00nn – “UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO SUCCESS” with Mr. CHINKEE TAN, Motivational Speaker & Wealth Coach.

3:00-3:45pm – “A TALK ON PERSONAL FINANCE” with Mr. Randell Tiongson, Director of Registered Financial Planner Institute of the Philippines.

3:45-4:30pm – “CRISIS MARKETING MANAGEMENT” with Mr. Alex Flores, Philippine                          Marketing Association.

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Are your kids tech-safe?

Yesterday (June 6) I attended the Are your kids tech-safe? Event at Makati Shang-rila. The venue was just small because only few were invited.

The venue has this cooool chandeliers. 😀

The Forum was hosted by Issa Litton.

The Keynote speaker was Jeff Gould

who discussed about

After his discussion, other speakers were called in front for the Forum.

Ka Arnulfo Empleyo, President of the National Association of Public Secondary School Heads

Jovel Cipriano, founder of Websafekids.org

Janice Villanueva, founder of morning food and organic market Mercato

Ysrael Diloy, from Stairway Foundation

Rhodora Ferrer, Executive Director of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines

Atty. Noel del Prado, Legal Consultant at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs, Department of Education.

Group photos!!

After the event, we were fed with hotel food at a Buffet style. Yum!!!


Cap – Folded & Hung

Top – Aivan Magno (BU5)

Jeans – Giordano

Bag – My Favorite Store

Rubber Slippers – Toeberries



Top 10 Visa Misconceptions


The thought of working or studying away from your country of origin comes with tons of facts involving the processes, the laws or policies governing each country and certain misconceptions.

For certain visa application you can easily visit the embassy or a representative of the country you may want to visit or work to.  You may want to seek assistance from offices who does services of immigration or visa consultancy companies such as Global Visas.

Before you get scrupulous over some details in your visa application, let’s bust a few misconceptions about getting visas.

1.  All EU states are governed under the Schengen agreement.

The Schengen zone includes 22 EU member states and covers more than 400 million people. All the EU states are included except Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. Four European non-EU members – Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway – have acceded to the agreement.

This however is the prevailing truth, once someone enters the Schengen zone, he or she can travel freely without visas, and without having passports checked at borders.

2.  All nationality needs to get Schengen Visas if they want to work or tour Europe.

North Americans, most South Americans, Australians and Japanese are admitted without a visa for three months (90 days).

3.   You can apply to any embassy as long as they give Schengen Visas.

You need to be certain on the countries you are getting your passport stamped on.

That is why, visa applications must be lodged at the Embassy/Consulate of the country of intended visit. If your plan is to visit several countries, visa application must be made at the Embassy/Consulate of the main destination country—meaning the length of stay in this destination is the longest. If the length of stay in each country is almost the same, apply at the country of first entry.

4.  If you have a valid US Visa, you can  reside in the U.S. for that entire period.

The terms “visa” and “status” are often used loosely and even interchangeably.  However, failure to clearly understand the differences between these words can lead to unintended immigration consequences.

Visa is your point of entry to the country, but does not determine you admissibility.

An alien’s status is classified under the category of admission (such as visitor, student, intra-company worker) and the duration of stay permitted.   Thus, your stay permission is dependent on the kind of status you have.

5.   UK and Ireland  is in Europe, thus you can freely cross border  coming from other European countries.    Note that the UK and Ireland are not a part of the Schengen agreement.  Coming from other countries in Europe, you need to apply for Irish or UK Visa.

6.  Does that mean that UK and Ireland people need to get Schengen visa to go to other European countries?

While the UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen area, their citizens can stay indefinitely in other EU countries, only needing paperwork if they want to work long-term or take up residency.

7.  What are the rules for working in France? I’ve heard that I have no hope of getting a work permit.

European Union citizens can legally work in France. Foreigners outside of the EU must do the following, in this order : find a job, obtain a work permit, obtain a visa de long séjour, go to France, and  apply for a carte de séjour.

8.  It is legal to work in the U.S. on a visitor’s visa.

Visitor’s visas do not authorize employment in the U.S. In order to work, a person needs a working visa, called an H-1B visa or some other type of work authorization. H-1B working visas are for college graduates who will work in a job related to their college degree. This visa is valid for 3 years, with a 3-year extension, for a total of 6 years.

9. Getting a valid airline ticket booked while applying for a certain visa can help with the approval of visas.

No agencies have advised that a visa applicant make any travel plans, including purchase of air tickets, unless their visa was cleared by the consulate.

10.  Applying a Visa on your own is easy and cheaper.

Have you ever found dealing with the government easy? We bet not. All over the world citizens find government bureaucracies frustrating, annoying and insulting. It may have something to do with their virtual unaccountability, their lack of skill and experience or maybe, to be honest, they just do not care!

The processing is tedious and may require you to spend a lot of time waiting.  However, there are trusted agencies like Global Visas who can deal with this for you.  They can actually make them care for you having known the laws for that.  Global Visas can make applying Visas easy for you.

Global Visas has won for its clients the most difficult battles as far as visa facilitation is concerned, such as immigration to Australia. The expertise of the Global Visas team allows it to deliver the best quality service in the lodgment of spousal, fiancée, tourist and working visas. The company holds the distinct advantage of having personnel in destination countries as well as constant updating of visa regulations in these areas: the USA, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asian territories. Visit http://www.globalvisas.com/ for more information.

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Expo supports advocacy of empowering SMEs


Due to the rapid and overwhelming growth of the country’s economy, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are currently experiencing a window of opportunity to rise up and expand their horizons. Mediacom Solutions Inc. in partnership with Esquire Financing Inc., the leader in growth stage financing, together with co-presenters PLDT Ka-Asenso, Buy-A-Car and Capitalife, are presenting this year’s premier business expo, the Philippine SME Business Expo 2013 – “Your SME Business Gateway”, dedicated to empower the nation’s growing SMEs and Entrepreneurs, to be held on July 12 to 14 at the SMX Convention Center Taguig, located at the 3rd floor of the SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.

This three-day expo & convention will showcase the growing SMEs where both, exhibitors and guests from all around the world can build synergies and business relations by presenting their products and services among the SME community to strengthen their business and empower the nation’s growth. The venue offers brimming opportunities and a great deal of invaluable services like workshops, seminars, educational classes, product launches and contest that will help SMEs, franchising businesses and entrepreneurs from various business sectors. “SMEs are the back bone of the Philippine economy and the largest job generator. We understand the need of this growing market and look forward to empower the SMEs together with our advocacy partner” says Philippine SME Business Expo 2013 organizer, David Abrenilla.

Participants will be inspired and get the latest industry insights from speakers like celebrity runner Coach Rio dela Cruz of Runrio, best-selling book author and wealth coach Chinkee Tan, Rolex Awards for Enterprise Awardee Reese Fernandez, Beauty and Wellness Guru, Cory Quirino, motivational speaker, Randell Tiongson and many more. The event will also feature exciting discounts and prizes that visitors can enjoy. A car will also be raffled on site to one of the lucky participating guest during the expo. To know more about the Philippine SME Business Expo, you may visit:

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Telemarketers Summit Experience!!

Here comes Friday (May 3), our event day (Telemarketers Summit). I was part of the registration committee and we were advised to be at the venue (Crowne Plaza Hotel) by 6 am so we could fix everything before the arrival of the delegates. Before we finally start, we prayed for guidance  for the success of our event.

We went back to our assigned positions and as part of the registration, I patiently waited for the delegates assigned to me. Every time there is someone coming, we would always smile and greet the delegates as they come to us to register. I would give them their ID and loot bag as they sign  in the registration and remind them about their assigned seat that was indicated in their ID.

There was a little problem also about the survey questionnaire, because we lack 30 more copies so I was sent to photocopy it at National Bookstore. After lunch, we fixed the certificates for the delegates to be distributed after the conference. There were lost certificates so we reprinted it and some new names who did not submit their names before the event. Then I was assigned to be an instant photographer also because no one was to take care of the camera of my boss. Haha. So I walked around the venue to take photos of the event, the speakers, the exhibitors and everything else that was happening. The event ended with raffles from the sponsors and exhibitors of the event. After the event I ran back to the registration to help in giving out the certificates to the delegates. After the giving of certificates, we had a group photo with the international speaker Tom Abbott and his wife Elaine.



Telemarketers Summit and Expo

This year is another year of exciting challenges for your business and sales
group. This year is another year for you to reach milestones, and one of
these milestones is hitting the higher sales target you set.  You will agree
with us if we say that to achieve new milestones we need a different
approach. Also, you will agree with us that to allow your sales team to fly
higher they need additional tools and skills sets.

We both know that we cannot achieve different things if we will do the same
things we do repeatedly. We even have one famous quote for that,“Insanity is
doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

This is the reason that we wanted to invite you and your sales group most
especially those that do telemarketing as their primary tool in selling and marketing to attend the first Telemarketers Summit May 3, 2013, Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.Real Conversations. Real Results.

Key Learning Benefits
•    Know the current best practices in telemarketing
•    Learn a deeper understanding on Gate Keepers and how to establish
relationships with them
•    Learn to manage and control your voice to effectively connect to your
•    Learn and expand your knowledge in measuring your team’s telemarketing
•    Learn and understand a deeper meaning of telemarketing as a profession
and function

The event speakers are all experts of the industry. Best of all, we have
painstakingly selected these speakers to make the learning experience fun,
easy to understand and interactive with the attendees. This makes your
investment wise and SULIT. 

A Motivational Gift to Your Sales Team
You may also use this event as an incentive for your marketing and sales
group. We guarantee this is one event that will make their spirits high and
love for their work more intense! After the event, see you group energized
and vibrant, ready to take the challenges with a new found passion.

Relationship Building
Of course, telemarketing is not only for selling and marketing.
Telemarketing is also for relationship building or loyalty building. It is
an open secret that acquiring new customers are expensive compared to
maintaining proven customers. You may use telemarketing to achieve this
goal. The event will teach you how. This we promise!

So what are you waiting for! Dial our number Tel.No. 387-6241. We will be
happy at the other end of the line to answer and reserve your seats in the

Hurry and do not waste time. The seats are pre-arranged. The earlier you
booked, the better are your chances of getting the best seats in the event.

Thank you very much in advance for joining us in this momentous learning


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